PVC Board

PVC Board


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Qizhen Recycled PVC Board can be used smooth or reeded profile uppermost and used outdoor, such as garden decking, backyard deck, villas decking , platform for fishing and so on.

Why choose Low Cost PVC Board from us ? The unique manufacturing process totally encapsulates recycled wood fibers in recycled polyethylene plastic, derived from items such as discarded plastic jugs and bags. It significantly reduces your cost of installation and maintenance because of its properties of environmental friendly, water and rot resistant, UV-proof and easy installation.


1. Water-proof, moisture-proof. Water absorption is far lower than wood and its anti-corrosion future( such as acid rain, seawater) completely solved the natural wood products' problems of moisture-absorbing, corrosion , dilatancy and deformation under the wet and rainy circumstances. Therefore, it could be greatly put into practices to take places of traditional wood products.

1. Most preferred colors and finishes.
2. Integrated steel structures are used for the base of bearing;
3. More durable and sustainablee;
4. The crushing chamber is deep and without dead zone, increases the capacity and the output;
5. Easy to cut,saw,nail and fasten;
6. The outlet employs shim adjustment system, convenient and reliable, and increase the flexibility of the equipment;
7. Looks and feels like nature wood.